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Where Can I See My Sent Invitations?


Don't be frustrated because you can't find the button for Sent Invitations!

We'll help you out here. See...the Frustration-Free Zone!

View Your Sent Invitations:
Click Manage all on the top of the My Network page
Click Sent under Manage invitations. (Only sent invitations that are still awaiting a response will be displayed.)

Note: LinkedIn has remove the ability to delete, resend, forward, and archive Sent invitations.

Canceling Sent Invitations:
Click the My Network icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
Click Manage all.
Click Sent under Manage invitations.
To cancel an invitation click Withdraw next to the particular member's name.

Note: Canceling an invitation will stop any further reminder emails to the recipient. The person you invited won't get notified that you canceled the invite. Also note that canceling invitations doesn't return them to your balance of available invitations. If the recipient has already accepted your invitation to connect, you still have the option to remove the connection.

That's all there is to it!

Where is Victoria This Week?

This week, Victoria is taking time off to be with her family for the remainder of August. See you in September!

Meet Victoria Ipri

LinkedIn is a terrific, unique platform for professionals. In fact, when executives feel stuck or simply want to up their game using LinkedIn, I often get the call. Since 2006, I have proudly helped thousands of LinkedIn members, especially executives, to implement best-in-class personal visibility and branding tactics. I've authored books, been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, am a contributor to, have been an invited guest on numerous TV shows and podcasts, and was named one of 20 Top Digital Strategists by the Online Marketing Institute, among other achievements.

After being selected by LinkedIn to participate in a 10-person, 90-day customer support pilot program, I began to see that customer support was lacking. Repeatedly, I heard "Why doesn't LinkedIn offer phone support?", and "How come no one at LinkedIn ever answers my emails?" So I created LinkedIn Power Principles as an alternative to help you get expert LinkedIn answers and get back to your day, quickly and expertly.

I hope you'll take a moment now to join the hundreds of members who have applauded this solution by registering to take advantage of dedicated email, livechat, a member forum, and even a Hair-On-Fire Hotline! We're also developing targeted members-only content to keep you on top of the best ways to use LinkedIn to reach your goals.

We look forward to getting to know you!